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A Unified Theory of Monsters by Chris Roberson

I grew up reading old monster comics and watching the classic black-and-white Universal monster movies, and loving all of them. But it always bugged me a little that they seemed to exist in a world in which there were so many different WAYS to become a monster. Bitten by a werewolf under a full moon, or bitten by a vampire, or cobbled together from a bunch of dead bodies… there was a completely different set of rules at work for every monster, a completely different rationale. But why SHOULD a vampire’s bite turn you into a vampire, and why do vampires crave blood?

First look at the cover to I, Zombie #1 by Mike Allred

Told from a female zombie’s perspective, the new monthly comic book series, I, ZOMBIE is a smart, witty detective series with a mix of urban fantasy and romantic dramedy. Gwendolyn “Gwen” Dylan is a 20-something gravedigger in an eco-friendly cemetery. Once a month she must eat a human brain to keep from losing her memories, but in the process she becomes consumed with the thoughts and personality of the dead person until she eats the next brain. She sets out to fulfill the dead person’s last request, solve a crime, or right a wrong.

Vertigo: View of the Future panel highlights

Two Graphic Novels were announced at today’s panel: From Mat Johnson, award winning novelist and author of the highly acclaimed Vertigo graphic novel INCOGNEGRO, and artist Simon Gane comes DARK RAIN, an uncompromising portrait of the life and death of the American city. Johnson uses the setting of New Orleans and the aftermath of hurricane Katrina intertwined with a suspenseful bank heist to explore social issues with a page-turning plot.
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