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First Look inside THE UNWRITTEN #28

While the cabal continue their seemingly motiveless murder spree, Tom Taylor researches his father's journals to uncover the secret connections between Wilson Taylor and his deadliest enemy, Pullman--as well as a hint at an eighty-year-old mystery that could be a clue to Tom's own nature and origins. Check out the two page spread below from THE UNWRITTEN #28, in stores tomorrow, with art by Peter Gross and Vince Locke. The setting is 1930s Brooklyn, NY--the Golden Age of a new artistic medium and the birth of a new type of hero.

Just announced at SDCC: THE UNWRITTEN .5 issues!

Created by Mike Carey and Peter Gross, THE UNWRITTEN has been called “a roller-coaster ride through a library, weaving famous authors and characters into a tale of mystery that is, at once, oddly familiar yet highly original,” by USA TODAY. Some of the most talked about issues have been the fabulous one-offs—from the Willowbank Tales of Mr. Bun to the Pick-A-Story origin of Lizzie Hexam. In the vein of those amazing issues, Vertigo will publish a series of 5 interconnected issues that will enhance the reading experience of the ongoing series.

The Auction begins in THE UNWRITTEN #26

The hammer goes down, the auction begins, and lot number 100 is . . . Tom Taylor. Who's going to be bidding, and what do they want him for? Tom hopes he never finds out - but he's out of options, in the hands of his enemies, and locked in a sensory deprivation tank that's terrifyingly familiar... Mike Carey and Peter Gross continue to amaze in THE UNWRITTEN #26 on sale today.


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