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Rudyard Kipling

In the India of the British Raj, young journalist and would-be novelist Rudyard Kipling gets an offer he can't refuse. It's an offer that will catapult him to fame, fortune and inexorable destruction. The secret history of the Unwritten begins in this stand-alone story... THE UNWRITTEN #5 [gallery link="file"]

Graphic Connection

Lot’s happened this week. Here's a roundup of those not to be missed. LARGEHEARTED BOY posts Jeff Lemire's fantastic music playlist for THE NOBODY. In his introduction Jeff writes, “I've always preferred sad songs. They don't make me sad, they just make me "feel more." Now, that's something I can totally relate to. Check it out!

From The Editor's Desk: Pornsak Pichetshote

Did you know the CIA once pretended to shoot a movie adaptation of Roger Zelazny’s Lord of the Light as cover to smuggle US diplomats out of Iran? Go ahead, Google it. I love that stuff. Random trivia about ways books and movies have affected the world. That’s why when Mike Carey and Peter Gross pitched me THE UNWRITTEN, they might as well have titled it, “The Pornsak Geek-Out Book.” When I pointed that out to Mike, he deadpanned that it’ll hopefully keep him from having to do too many rewrites.


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