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The literary adventure continues. Caught in the novel Moby Dick, Tom finds himself swallowed up in the belly of a whale with characters from other famous stories who’ve wound up in the same predicament. Here's a sketch from the last page of issue #22 by Peter Gross. Can you tell from the outlines who’s who? Hint: One of them is that kid whose nose grows when he lies.

THE UNWRITTEN goes digital? And more!

Now, with yesterday's great news about the DC Digital Store I wanted to let you know that THE UNWRITTEN Volume 1 (issues 1-5) is just one of the terrific Vertigo titles available. So if you haven't given this fantastic series a chance yet, just click and read in preparation of all the great stories to come! For those of you awaiting the next volume collecting issues 13-18, Volume #3 Dead Man’s Knock is out in March!


Following the amazing "The Lives of Lizzie Hexam: A Choose-a-Story adventure” issue Mike Carey and Peter Gross continue to unravel a tale of power plays and double-bluffs that takes readers into the inner council of Tom's enemies. Uncover their dark past and violent present. How did the 14th book get hijacked? Why is Tom still alive? And whose head is going to roll for it? [gallery link="file"]


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