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All Good Things Must Come To An End

“All good things must come to an end” I gave you that clue back in January. Smart readers guessed right, I was talking about NORTHLANDERS. I did not develop NORTHLANDERS from the start, I inherited it from editor Will Dennis, but I was always a fan and I’ve been very proud to work on this book with Brian Wood and an amazing list of artists over the years. Speaking of amazing artists, we have one of my all time favorite artists bringing this series to a close—DANIJEL ZEZELJ.

From The Editor's Desk: Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle here, editor of AMERICAN VAMPIRE, NORTHLANDERS and SWEET TOOTH. Every Monday I’ll be popping by the Vertigo blog to give you a glimpse of what’s flying across my desk these days. Since it’s a New Year, I thought I would give a little tease of things to come. Three clues, three books, do you know which clue applies to which title? All good things must come to an end.

Brian Wood talks going Digital

Digital editions of DMZ started going live this past summer, and I was thrilled. As a creator who still feels like an indie guy, digital is a must-do thing, an obvious move, a life line, a complete necessity to keep our books alive and kicking as time goes on. I'm happy beyond belief that DC is kicking this into overdrive, and with guys like Jim Lee directing it, I don't have any doubt it'll continue to expand and mature.

Leandro Fernandez talks the art of THE PLAGUE WIDOW Part 1

I always wanted to draw a Viking tale. Since I was a little kid I felt special attraction to this topic. I felt an obsessive admiration for these guys who had the guts to jump into the sea and sail across unknown waters, travel long distances on a very different and dangerous world, conquer countries, know different cultures, and so many other things they did along a very wide period of time in history.

NORTHLANDERS #33 preview

Blessed by the gods, for better or for worse, and driven by rage and sadness, Erik cuts a massive swath through the Christian-dominated Northlands. He seeks nothing less than a total cultural purging, and it seems like his one-man jihad will succeed… Brian Wood and artist Riccardo Burchielli continue Metal in NORTHLANDERS issue #33 on sale next week! [gallery link="file"]

NORTHLANDERS #32 preview

Halfway through the METAL storyline Brian Wood takes the timeless motif of "young lovers on the run" to an alarming extreme. Erik and Ingrid, outcasts in 9th century Norway, strike a series of blows for individuality against the rigid conformity of the local priesthood.


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