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DMZ #64 preview

"Free States Rising" continues as the final battle for the city of Manhattan, as well as the fate of the entire country, begins to unfold in DMZ #64 on sale tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]

DMZ #63 Free States Rising Preview

For years, the DMZ has been a no-man's-land where armies feared to tread – but not any longer. The rival armies of the USA and the FSA clash in the streets of the city, and Matty Roth watches his adopted city bleed – but is it for the greater good? This Wednesday catch up with Matty Roth in the DMZ written by Brian Wood, with art by Riccardo Burchielli and cover by JP Leon [gallery]

DMZ Vol. 9: MIA is on sale now

Written by BRIAN WOOD with cover by JP Leon DMZ Volume 9: M.I.A. takes Matty to a remote and desolate section of the city. Self-exile forces him to take a good, hard look at himself and his conduct since he entered the DMZ, and he doesn't like what he's seeing. His discovery presents him with an opportunity that he's tempted to take, but is the price too high?

NORTHLANDERS #33 preview

Blessed by the gods, for better or for worse, and driven by rage and sadness, Erik cuts a massive swath through the Christian-dominated Northlands. He seeks nothing less than a total cultural purging, and it seems like his one-man jihad will succeed… Brian Wood and artist Riccardo Burchielli continue Metal in NORTHLANDERS issue #33 on sale next week! [gallery link="file"]

NORTHLANDERS #32 preview

Halfway through the METAL storyline Brian Wood takes the timeless motif of "young lovers on the run" to an alarming extreme. Erik and Ingrid, outcasts in 9th century Norway, strike a series of blows for individuality against the rigid conformity of the local priesthood.


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