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DC COMICS Celebrates 75 Years

Over on THE SOURCE, The DCU is celebrating 75 years of DC Comics by revealing a bunch of amazing variant covers. But these aren’t just any variant covers, they are of some of the most classic and iconic images from DC’s illustrious history re-imagined by some of the biggest names in the industry.


Collected for the first time, SHADE THE CHANGING MAN Volume 2: THE EDGE OF VISION includes issue #7-13. (On sale December 1, 2009 anywhere books are sold). Follow Shade and Kathy George on an epic, mind-bending journey into the heartland of America's collective unconscious on the trail to find the evil known only as The American Scream.

Download SHADE Issue #1 Now!

For all you Peter Milligan fans and those unfamiliar with this series, SHADE THE CHANGING MAN issue #1 is now available for download. Read it here. And as a reminder, this November, SHADE THE CHANGING MAN Volume 1: The American Scream will be re-issued and, issues 7-13 will be collected for the first time, in SHADE THE CHANGING MAN Volume 2: The Edge of Vision!
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