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CUBA and DARK RAIN in Miami

Inverna Lockpez and Dean Haspiel (CUBA: MY REVOLUTION) along with Mat Johnson (DARK RAIN: A NEW ORLEAN'S STORY) attended the 2010 Miami Book Fair International. All appeared on Comix Galaxy panels. In case you couldn't make it, check out some fun photos of their experience: Author Inverna Lockpez & artist Dean Haspiel with editor Joan Hilty

Vertigo Graphic Connection: DARK RAIN

A crime thriller set in the days before, during, and following hurricane Katrina, DARK RAIN: A New Orleans Story by Mat Johnson and artist Simon Gane is on sale in comic book stores now and will be available at bookstores tomorrow. Dark Rain_DJ_D.indd Here's what the critics are saying:

Editor Jonathan Vankin talks DARK RAIN

DARK RAIN: A NEW ORLEANS STORY, Vertigo’s new graphic novel, hit stores yesterday, just a couple of weeks shy of five years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. So, I had this whole, big angry diatribe about Katrina planned here, but the more I thought about DARK RAIN, the more sense it made to just skip the preaching. I’m sure you’re all very disappointed. But that sort of thing really isn’t what this book, written by Mat Johnson with art by Simon Gane, is about.

DARK RAIN “On the Ledge” by Mat Johnson

I wrote Dark Rain during a hurricane called “Ike,” evacuated to Austin, TX, awash in uncertainty and memories of Katrina just three years earlier. I live in Houston, TX, on the Gulf Coast, which is basically a bowling alley for hurricanes every summer. That’s just our reality.

Vertigo: View of the Future panel highlights

Two Graphic Novels were announced at today’s panel: From Mat Johnson, award winning novelist and author of the highly acclaimed Vertigo graphic novel INCOGNEGRO, and artist Simon Gane comes DARK RAIN, an uncompromising portrait of the life and death of the American city. Johnson uses the setting of New Orleans and the aftermath of hurricane Katrina intertwined with a suspenseful bank heist to explore social issues with a page-turning plot.
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