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Peter Milligan Talks Vertigo Resurrected: THE EXTREMIST

It’s not often that I can start an anecdote with the line: I was lying by a hotel swimming pool in L.A.. But I really was lying by the swimming pool of La Reve hotel in L.A. with Art Young, editor of the then soon to be written THE EXTREMIST--the book that Vertigo are re-releasing this month as part of its Vertigo Resurrected line.


Last month we introduced VERTIGO RESURRECTED. This month I’m excited to reveal the next volume scheduled for November publication, VERTIGO RESURRECTED #2-THE EXTREMIST. Now, back in print! One of Vertigo’s first creator owned books, THE EXTREMIST stretched the limits of comics storytelling. From writer Peter Milligan (HELLBLAZER, X-STATICS, HUMAN TARGET) and artist Ted McKeever (DOOM PATROL, FAITH) the 4-issue miniseries took superheroics to their most risqué.
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