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The Losers (2010)

An explosive action tale of betrayal and revenge, The Losers centers around an elite Special Forces unit sent to the Bolivian jungle on a search-and-destroy mission. But the team – Clay, Jensen, Roque, Pooch and Cougar – soon find that they have become the target of a deadly double cross instigated by a powerful enemy known only as Max. Making good use of the fact they’re now presumed dead, the group goes deep undercover in a dangerous plot to clear their names and even the score with Max.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Zoë Saldana
Chris Evans
Idris Elba
Columbus Short
Óscar Jaenada
Jason Patric
Sylvain White
Peter Berg
James Vanderbilt
Joel Silver
Akiva Goldsmith
Kerry Foster

Rat Catcher

Rat Catch-er (rat) (kach’әr) , n. 1. According to underworld legend, a Rat Catcher is a peerless assassin who silences protected mob informants. From The New York Times Bestselling author of THE LOSERS, comes RAT CATCHER, a captivating story of double-crossings and murder. There’s a burning Federal safe house just outside El Paso with a pile of burning bodies inside. The job appears to have been botched.

THE LOSERS Hits the NYT Bestseller List!

Soon to be a motion picture, THE LOSERS Vol. 1&2 hits the NEW YORK TIMES Paperback Graphic Book Bestseller List! Collecting Volume 1: Ante Up and Volume 2: Double Down (issues #1-12) of the groundbreaking, Eisner-nominated Vertigo series this 304-page paperback by Andy Diggle features art by Jock and Shawn Martinbrough.


In April 2010 THE LOSERS, the comic book series by British comic book writer Andy Diggle (200 AD) and artist Jock (Hellblazer: Pandemonium coming February 2010), comes to the big screen!
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