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J.H. Williams III Shares His Music Playlist in THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE Special Edition

Artist J.H. Williams III is providing stunning interior illustrations and covers for Neil Gaiman's new limited series THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE.

Get a glimpse inside THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE Special Edition at USA to explore the creative process and find out what Williams III was listening to while drawing issue #1.

USA TODAY talks to Brian Azzarello About SPACEMAN

“This is going to sound really weird, but there's a certain innocence to him that I haven't done in a character in a really long time,” Azzarello revealed about SPACEMAN protagonist Orson to USA TODAY. “Definitely in 100 Bullets, a lot of the characters were street smart. He's not. He's a bit naïve about things — not stupid but not as worldly."
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