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DC All Access - Ep 220 - NEW Green Arrow Short + EXCLUSIVE Batman Beyond

DC All Access! Now with 100% more archery!

Yes, in today's all new episode of DC All Access, we go behind the scenes of the DC Nation Green Arrow animated shorts with director Jeff Mednikow. After that, we talk to Peter J. Tomasi about this week's eagerly awaited Robin Rises: Omega #1 one-shot, before getting an exclusive look at the upcoming chapter of the Batman Beyond digital first comic with writers Alec Siegel and Kyle Higgins. Finally, we wrap things up with Yuko Shimizu, the extraordinary cover artist for The Unwritten: Apocalypse, who gives us a look at her unique illustration process.

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Spanning 7 volumes and over 50 issues, The New York Times bestselling comic book series THE UNWRITTEN by the celebrated team of Mike Carey and artist Peter Gross, has riffed on the epic poem, the coming of age story, the Choose Your Own Adventure, the fantasy and murder mysteries alike, with cameo appearances by Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and other literary figures.

From The Editor’s Desk: Karen Berger

Ontogenesis or Onto Genesis? That Mike Carey is awfully clever, not only when it comes to creating catchy titles for storylines, but for also crafting a series month-in-and-month-out, with co-conspirator Peter Gross, that is a prime example of why Vertigo publishes the best comics around. Where else can you find a comics story that takes you back to the birthplace of our incredible medium and most importantly to meet Miriam Walzer, a comics writer and artist who uses Greek myth as a parable to an adventure story starring the deliciously strange, The Tinker?

First Look inside THE UNWRITTEN #28

While the cabal continue their seemingly motiveless murder spree, Tom Taylor researches his father's journals to uncover the secret connections between Wilson Taylor and his deadliest enemy, Pullman--as well as a hint at an eighty-year-old mystery that could be a clue to Tom's own nature and origins. Check out the two page spread below from THE UNWRITTEN #28, in stores tomorrow, with art by Peter Gross and Vince Locke. The setting is 1930s Brooklyn, NY--the Golden Age of a new artistic medium and the birth of a new type of hero.

The Auction begins in THE UNWRITTEN #26

The hammer goes down, the auction begins, and lot number 100 is . . . Tom Taylor. Who's going to be bidding, and what do they want him for? Tom hopes he never finds out - but he's out of options, in the hands of his enemies, and locked in a sensory deprivation tank that's terrifyingly familiar... Mike Carey and Peter Gross continue to amaze in THE UNWRITTEN #26 on sale today.


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