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Vertigo Week-In-Review: April 13

Here at Vertigo, we pride ourselves on being edgy. It’s not enough to publish a comic about Jesus, we have to make him punk rock. If we’re going to tackle the subject of modern warfare, we’re going to focus on the war that hundreds of soldiers wage each day on their own lives. And if we’re going to publish a presidential drama, it’s going to have aliens in it, dammit. But this week we’re embracing our more artistic and literary side, as we learned two of our graphic novels have been nominated for the Huge Award. We’re honored to be up for such a prestigious award.

Vertigo Week-In-Review: April 6

SWEET TOOTH, THE NEW DEADWARDIANS, GONE TO AMERIKAY, the deluxe edition of FLEX MENTALLO: MAN OF MUSCLE MYSTERY, Eisner Award nominations… We’ve had a lot to celebrate this week on, and considering that we’re entering the weekend, there’s really no need to stop the celebration. But we’re happy to take a brief pause as we look at what went down this week.


Here’s what happened on…


Vertigo Week-In-Review: March 30

If you’re no longer living, it was a very good week for you here at Vertigo. Wednesday saw the release of THE NEW DEADWARDIANS #1, our new vampire/zombie series set in post-Victorian England and written and drawn by the creative team of Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard. As a result, the website was crawling with all things undead (try not to get nervous, they can smell fear) along with the very much alive Will Dennis.


Here’s what happened this week on…


Vertigo Week-in-Review: March 23

Aliens, voodoo queens, plant and human demigoddesses… We sure were hanging out with some strange and wonderful characters this week. And we’re NOT talking about the cosplayers at WonderCon.


Here’s a review of what’s been happening on…


Vertigo Week-In-Review: March 16

We like to stay busy over here at Vertigo, and our guess is that our readers are the same way. So, you’ve probably missed out on some of the big Vertigo news to hit the website this week. That’s okay, we understand. But we still want you to be informed. Informed people are interesting people. They’re attractive people. And we want our readers to be interesting and attractive. (We’d also like them to be very wealthy and take us on all-expenses-paid cruises to the islands, but we’ll settle for two out of three.)


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