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Preview Monday: GOTHAM ACADEMY #1 and HINTERKIND #12

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at GOTHAM ACADEMY #1 and HINTERKIND #12.

WELCOME TO GOTHAM ACADEMY! Gather your supplies, pack your backpacks, and make sure to double-check your class schedule, because fall semester at Gotham Academy begins October 1st, and trust us when we say this is one time where you definitely don’t want to cut class.

HINTERKIND Arrives Next Month

Decades after “The Blight” all but wiped out the human race, Mother Nature is taking back what’s hers, and she’s not alone…The Hinterkind have returned.

From the last, lost corners of the world they come, a myriad menagerie of myth and magic...but these aren’t childhood fairytale creatures. They are flesh, blood and passion, and they have a long-simmering hatred for those who drove them into the shadows: The human race!

THE NEW YORK TIMES Highlights Vertigo, Announces 6 New Titles

What better way is there to kick off the week than with some major, exciting news?

Earlier this morning, THE NEW YORK TIMES published a feature on Vertigo Comics. In addition to announcing that the New York Times bestselling series AMERICAN VAMPIRE will be returning this December, the article announced the following all-new, bold, and exciting series:

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