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Last Gang in Town: Ten Questions with the Creators

Music and mayhem just go so well together. LAST GANG IN TOWN is an in-your-face crime thriller full of sex, violence, cigarettes, alcohol, guitars, guns, hair dye, metal studs and likely a blown-out microphone or two. It’s a tale with its heart and soul in the London punk scene, crafted by a team known for turning common tropes on their head, and hitting comic shops with the force of a dropkick this December.

New Romancer: Ten Questions with the Creators

In NEW ROMANCER, the new scifi-tinged romantic comedy from writer and Vertigo stalwart Peter Milligan and artist Brett Parson, Lexy, a gifted young computer coder finds things heating up (though perhaps not how she might have expected) after she reconstructs and accidentally unleashes some of the greatest lovers from throughout history. However, not all these lovers are interested in romantic pursuit.

The Sheriff of Babylon: Ten Questions with the Creators

The road to Baghdad is paved with good intentions.

That’s what Chris, a tormented American cop exorcising his demons by training the new Iraqi police force, discovers after one of his trainees is found dead. Soon, he’ll find himself teaming up with a Shiite police officer who served under Saddam and a Sunni tribal chief with her eye on controlling the city’s criminal underworld while following a trail of lies, corruption, politics and murder.

Jacked: Ten Questions with the Creators

You could call it the comic book equivalent of the old “chicken or egg” question—what comes first, the super powers or the chiseled good looks? If the powers lead the charge, then you’d think there would be plenty of super heroes rocking dad bods, double chins and muffin tops. We’re talking about men and women who would look less like bodybuilders and more like those of us who spend far too many hours at the office or on the couch, and way too few at the gym.

Art That Breathes: An Interview with Michael Allred

In ART OPS, the new mind-trip actioner from writer Shaun Simon and artist Michael Allred, art isn’t always content to lay dormant in its frames. It lives, breathes… and escapes, and when it does, it’s up to the highly secret team of agents known as the Art Operatives to control the situation. They police the world of ink, charcoal and paint, subduing it when necessary, because as any artist is likely to tell you—art doesn’t always play nice.

Slash & Burn: Ten Questions with the Creators

To fight fire, you really need to understand and respect it. Yet intriguingly, those same qualities also exist in pyromaniacs—the disturbed and destructive people who revel in setting the blazes which the firefighters combat. Perhaps the two roles aren’t as far apart as they may look…


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