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Announcing The Sandman Digital Comic Sale

If you’ve spent much time in your local comic book shop this month (or certainly if you’ve visited us here at, then you’ve likely heard a lot about The Sandman. Debuting in 1988, The Sandman is Neil Gaiman’s groundbreaking fantasy comic that for 75 issues and 25 years has drawn critical acclaim and new comic book readers, while influencing an entire generation of comic book writers and artists. By all measurements and standards, it’s a must-read. Especially with the debut of the eagerly awaited The Sandman: Overture #1 just a few days away.

Held Captive by The Sandman

It’s no secret that among many other things, “DC All Access” co-host Tiffany Smith is a really big fan of The Sandman. Knowing this, we thought it would be fun to invite Tiffany to contribute to 25 Days of Sandman. We gave her a blank slate, encouraging her to write about whatever part of The Sandman canon she would like.

Win the Full Sandman Omnibus

From start to finish, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is a reading experience unlike any other. Of course, if you’ve never actually read the series from start to finish, you might want to consider picking up The Sandman Omnibus, a handsome new two-volume set that collects the original comic in its entirety. The first volume covers issues #1-37 and The Sandman Special #1, and it’s available now.

An Early Look at The Sandman: Overture Statue

The first issue of the eagerly awaited The Sandman: Overture will be unveiled on Wednesday, October 30th. But as a part of 25 Days of Sandman, we have something equally amazing to unveil for you today, exclusively right here on

Below is an early look at the previously unannounced (until right now, that is) The Sandman: Overture Statue from DC Collectibles.

Win The Annotated Sandman

Last week, we discussed The Annotated Sandman, the beautiful new edition of the series that features insightful annotations by literary historian Leslie S. Klinger. Today, we’re giving you a chance to win the first two volumes for yourself.
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